Snow and more snow!

Posted on November 22 2015

We finally had some snow!   It would have been great to get it gradually though, and not a foot and a half at once.  The dogs loved it, the birds loved it.  (We're double clutching it to keep the bird feeders filled.)   The people loved it, but a little tired of shoveling snow.  The dogs from left to right, Matti (the Tyrant Queen, Riley, and Johnnie.

Here's a pic of a new soap I'm working on.  These are on the railing of our deck, so you can see the woods and snow in the background.  I wanted to capture winter and snow in Alaska.  The scent reminds me of a fir and spruce forest, clean snow and fresh air, and maybe the slightest hint of apples (or maybe not on the apples).  A very awesome scent!

And the horses love the snow, too.  Faxi on the left and Kappi on the right.