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About Us

Talkeetnagirl Designs creates sumptuous, Alaska-inspired bath and body products using the most luxurious ingredients to honor and embrace your own beautiful, independent spirit.  Pure, simple soap, carefully crafted body creme, and soothing lip balms are soul soothing splurges.   I took the photo above above 5 miles from home at the overlook just before heading down the hill into Talkeetna.

I use only the very best ingredients in my soap, lip balms and other luscious products.  I source locally and use sustainably produced when available.  I also grow pesticide-free flowers, herbs and vegetables that make it into some of my products.

I am a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.  I am also Certified by the Guild as an Advanced Cold & Hot Process Soapmaker.  This certification was earned by written and practical exam.  I scored 100%!   You can be assured my soap is not only wonderful and balanced, but also safely and knowledgably made.


I love simple, but beautiful and useful things.  An incredible bar of soap is such a luxury.  When I could not find the quality I demanded, I set about making my own.  Several years of research and thousands (really) of bars of soap later, I have a recipe that makes me sigh with pleasure.  It makes my skin sing.    It is simply... divine.  I am proud to share with you.


That's me,  Karen Harvey (the person in the picture!), creator, designer, production, and cleanup crew.   (Riley is my one of my dogs.) 

We live about five miles outside Talkeetna on a small, wannabe farm.  (We're working at it!)  My SO, Curt, and I enjoy gardening, our animals, fishing, and seeing the sights in Alaska.  We are both Registered Nurses and work in Home Health when we aren't working here at home.

We are as environmentally friendly as possible.  My soap wrap is 100% biodegradable in the environment which means it will naturally degrade without special composting or treatment.  The black lip balm tubes are made from recycled plastic, and we source sustainable, responsibly produced materials when available.    The soap labels are made from partially recycled paper.

My blog is   There you'll find posts about our gardening, fishing, the dogs and horses, the occasional moose, and my sewing projects.

My facebook page is I frequently post new soaps and other projects I'm working on here.  Many don't make it to the website, but you can see the development and evolution of products.  

I'd love to hear from you and if you have questions, please drop me a line.  

Karen Harvey

PO Box 41

Talkeetna, Alaska 99676





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